She Markets

A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

5 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients, Make More Money, and Have More Impact

Do you avoid marketing your business because it makes you feel salesy? Have you tried a lot of marketing strategies only to find they don’t work for you? Are you ready to finally master how to market your business with ease?

You’re not alone! Many women entrepreneurs would rather have a root canal than market themselves.

Marketing successfully and authentically requires a deep understanding of your value and your perfect clients’ pains, struggles, and dreams. You want to talk to your clients so they listen.

She Markets is your step-by-step guide to attracting clients effectively and naturally.

Inside, you’ll discover how to:

  • Reframe your Marketing Mindset so you feel comfortable attracting clients
  • Tap into your clients’ pain points and create content specifically for them
  • Speak your clients’ language so they realize you ‘get’ them
  • Craft emotional, compelling headlines that capture their attention
  • Put the 90-Day Client Connection Plan to work spreading your message
  • Use our checklists, examples, and exercises to reach and impact more of your perfect clients

…And much, much more!

You possess unique, hard-won skills, talents, and expertise. Your clients need your help, training, and leadership. They’re waiting for you. She Markets makes it easy for your clients to find you.

Cynthia Trevino

I’ve spent over 30 years helping businesses big and small reach clients, meet income goals, and fulfill missions.

Recently, disturbing statistics about the earning power of women entrepreneurs compared to our male counterparts shocked me. According to the Small Business Administration, there’s an even wider earnings gap between women entrepreneurs and men entrepreneurs than there is in corporate America.

Women own 36% of all U.S private businesses, and yet our sales amount to only 11% of total sales!

Men own 51% of all businesses and their sales are a whopping 79%.

We must level this playing field! My mission is to educate, prepare, and mentor women entrepreneurs who want to master how to market and reach more of their ideal clients, so they can grow their businesses.

As I say in the book, do not forget there are clients out there who can best learn only from you. They need your help. They’re waiting for you. Our community, our economy, and indeed our planet, has weighty problems to solve. We need all of the purpose-driven women entrepreneurs like you we can get. Please get your message out so your clients can find you!

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