“Cynthia helped me focus my message…”

“Cynthia’s one-on-one workshop enabled me to fully and truly understand who my target audience is for my business and make changes in the way I speak to them. As someone with a technology background, I learned to reword or better articulate my services so that they better capture the attention of potential clients. So they’ll feel that my message relates to their current situation. Cynthia helped me focus my message to clarify what I can do and why I’m doing what I do for my desired clients. She helped me create Topic Starters for blogging which tends to be the hardest part in writing about my services and skills.”

Francis Naty Go

Goldlilys Media

“Cynthia removes the struggle”

“Cynthia was instrumental for me to move forward and develop a content marketing plan system that is easy to understand, use and attract my ideal client to me.She knows how to work her magic on getting you to know your client’s true pain points so that you know exactly how to speak to them. Her methods made it easy for me and now I feel I have tangible headlines, themes and best of all a plan for success! I highly recommend Cynthia for creating your valuable content marketing planning system! She takes all of the struggle out of trying to figure it out.”

Luci McMonagle


“Cynthia has a true expertise in content creation…”

“I’ve been using Cynthia’s Clarity to Cash model for almost a year now and am so impressed with it I had to write a recommendation. I used to struggle to find content and catchy titles for my blogs and other marketing materials, but now it’s so easy! Cynthia’s system gave me a quick reference guide to creating headlines that grab people’s attention. This has simplified my life a great deal and it has brought more clients to my business. Cynthia has a true expertise in content creation and communicating how to do it to people (like me) who aren’t marketing experts. I highly recommend working with Cynthia.”

Joanie Connell, Ph.D.

Flexible Work Solutions

“Cynthia has the ability to help you identify your ideal client/customer.”

“Cynthia’s expertise and knowledge in regards to marketing and blogging make working with her an exceptional experience. Cynthia has the ability to help identify your ideal client/customer. Her methods guide you to speak your client/customers language with simple marketing content. Using her methods it is easy to create your own library of writing tools for future use. Given the opportunity I would highly recommend Cynthia’s one on one program, she is an excellent teacher and mentor.

Her Clarity to Cash system works. A gifted speaker as well as teacher, I can’t wait to see her book in print with her proven methods.”

Stephanie Silbey

Charter Oak Preserving

“She did an incredible job explaining very relevant marketing information…”

“I attended Cynthia’s course on how to identify and influence your ideal client. She did an incredible job explaining very relevant marketing information and offered very compelling examples through her materials. I left her class with key actions to implement including a format for mapping out my client’s greatest needs and desires. I would highly recommend Cynthia’s services to any business owner needing to re-evaluate just who are they marketing to.”

Shelley Murasko CFP, MBA

Financial Educator & Speaker

“Her advice on how to use my client’s language in my own marketing materials…”

“I’ve attended two of Cynthia’s workshops where she talked through her system for how to “understand your perfect customer better than anyone else in your industry.” I have always thought it was important to focus on solving a problem for my ideal customer. But Cynthia took this further by clearly explaining how to use my ideal client’s POV to craft and target my marketing. Her advice about how to use my client’s language in my own marketing materials has proven to be a cornerstone I return again and again when I’m explaining the benefits of my services to my prospects. I highly recommend Cynthia’s workshops!”

Maggie Frank Hsu

Digital Marketer

“I highly recommend business owners looking to attract more prospects…”

“I attended Cynthia Trevino’s marketing workshop, How to Find Clients Ready to Invest in Themselves. It was full of valuable ideas & exercises and I left with three great insights about how to improve my messaging to attract the right clients for my business. This was the second time I saw Cynthia present. I highly recommend business owners looking to attract more prospects and grow their pipeline of clients attend Cynthia’s next workshop.”

Laurie Itkin

Certified Financial Analyst