Client Clarity to Grow Your Business …in 5 Simple Steps


Do you struggle attracting enough clients, no matter what you try?

Are you ready to reach more prospects so you can create a business & life you want?

Great! You’re in the right place!

  • If you never had to market and promote your business you’d be thrilled, or
  • You feel like marketing your business is a daunting, daily task, or
  • Referrals of potential clients aren’t as steady as before—you’re ready to focus on marketing

Aha—you’re not alone!

Studies show that a whopping 76% of entrepreneurs report facing marketing challenges. They wish they had more help with marketing!

If this is you, I’m glad you’re here.

From my years in corporate America to working with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, experts, and business owners—marketing problems can be traced to one key issue: lack of clarity.

It can be lack of clarity about who is the perfect buyer for your products and services.

Or unclear messaging that doesn’t connect with your prospects

No specific plan to develop the content you need to attract potential clients.

In this private one-on-one training program, we “do the work!” Together, we drill down and identify your ‘perfect client’ and help you dial in your marketing efforts according to “who” you really want to be working with. And who gets the best results from your work.

Why is this essential?

Because when you market to everyone…you market to no one!

You will learn how to:

  • Understand your perfect clients better than anyone else, so you can attract more of them
  • Tap into the value of your work and explain it confidently to potential clients
  • Get a handle on your clients’ top urgent problems so you can speak directly to them
  • Create messages that stand out from everyone else
  • Tune into topics that get your perfect clients’ attention so you can grow your business
  • Learn how to speak your client’s language so you can easily connect with them

Are you ready to find out how getting clarity about who you serve best can give you more time to do what you love?

You can request a Marketing Breakthrough Clarity Session with me. Click here to contact us.

I am so excited to talk with you! ~ Cynthia


How the Program works:

This Program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to learn how to attract more clients consistently so you can create the life you want.
  • It’s time you got clarity on who you serve best so you can connect with more motivated clients.
  • You’re ready to stop playing small and grow your business.
  • You’re tired of marketing and networking with little to show for it.
  • You want to get a handle on messages that convert people who don’t know you into prospects and clients.
  • You have fabulous programs, services, and content to share. You’re committed to getting it out there and exploding your business.
  • You want to learn how to speak your clients’ language so you can attract more of them, make more money, and have more impact.

I’ve been using Cynthia’s Clarity to Cash model for almost a year now and am so impressed with it I had to write a recommendation. I used to struggle to find content and catchy titles for my blogs and other marketing materials, but now it’s so easy! Cynthia’s system gave me a quick reference guide to creating headlines that grab people’s attention. This has simplified my life a great deal and it has brought more clients to my business. Cynthia has a true expertise in content creation and communicating how to do it to people (like me) who aren’t marketing experts. I highly recommend working with Cynthia.

Joanie Connell, Ph.D.
Author of Flying without a Helicopter & President of Flexible Work Solutions

Cynthia worked with me to take my ideal client profile, their top pain points and get into their thoughts. Then we created themes, headlines, titles and a 90-day content calendar that I can easily handoff to my assistant. Cynthia teaches you a valuable content marketing planning system, tailored to your ideal clients that I highly recommend.

Luci McMonagle
Coach at