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Thursday, June 23, 2016
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

You’re a coach, speaker or entrepreneur who changes lives through your work.

You started your business because you wanted to make the impact that no one else is making. But maybe you’re frustrated lately about attracting too many wrong-fit prospects. You know, the ones who aren’t ready to invest in themselves or your services.

They aren’t ready to do the work required to accomplish their goals. This costs you valuable time!

You’d like to reach more of your perfect clients—those motivated, action takers who get great results from working with you!

How great would it be to weed out hagglers and time wasters and attract more of your people? Think of the time you’d save in marketing and networking!

Without clarifying who you serve best, who you want to work with, you have little chance of filling your funnel with clients who love you.

So what if you participated in a small group, hands-on session, designed to help you get clear on how to attract your right-fit clients? The people who are ready to make changes? To help you repel time-wasters?

Imagine if you could achieve the success you desire and deserve faster? If you could save time and frustration by having sales conversations, discovery sessions or free consults with people who are ready!

You’ll attract your perfect-fit clients and spend less time with wrong-fit people!

That’s why the 5 Steps Clarity to Cash System Workshop is happening Thursday, June 23 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.

This is your opportunity to get clear on who you serve best, what are the signals that prospects are ready to make a change and invest.

Discover insights on growing your income by attracting more perfect customers, in a supportive, educational environment. At this event, you will:

  • Move from attracting wrong-fit people to filling your funnel with right-fit clients
  • Practice capturing your perfect clients’ attention using her exact words
  • Learn 5 new questions to ask when creating messages + content
  • Discover the attention-getting headline formula that makes your prospects say, “Wow, you get me!”
  • Refine your skills to attract the clients you get the best results for—and repel the rest

Please RSVP also on Eventbrite here.

My intention is that you each have a chance to work on your perfect client messaging, get feedback and group support.

Register now because we have limited capacity in this room and the event may fill up. If you have questions about this event, I’m happy to answer them.

I look forward to connecting with you in person! I’m so excited about the clarity you will gain about attracting the right clients. And the success you’ll achieve for them and for yourself. Until our workshop…

Be Unstoppable!