Do you want to explore working with Cynthia?

If you’re ready to take action, first let me know a bit about yourself, your business and marketing goals by filling out an application for a no-cost Marketing Clarity Session with me.

During this session, if we both agree that you’re ready to up-level your marketing skills to better connect with your perfect clients, we’ll talk about working together in my program, Cynthia Trevino’s 5-Step Clarity to Cash System.

This is not a free coaching session. This is a business assessment to get really clear about what’s preventing you from understanding, reaching, and connecting with your perfect clients so you can earn the income you deserve.

Our purpose is to discover where you may need help to develop marketing fundamentals that are crucial for you to get the attention of, and connect with, your perfect clients. Those wonderful humans who get fabulous results from your packages, programs, services or training!

Does this sound good to you?


How do I know if a Marketing Clarity Session with Cynthia is right for me?

  1. You’re determined to learn skills to fill your business with motivated, perfect clients who ‘do the work’. You’re not willing to waste any more time with wrong-fit people.
  2. You want to get clear about what to say because your content and conversations aren’t currently resonating with (enough of) your perfect clients.
  3. You wish you felt more comfortable marketing yourself. You want an approach that works and that feels authentic for you when doing content and networking.
  4. You’re ready to invest in a program to improve your marketing skills because you want to reduce the time it takes to learn new skills.
  5. You desire and deserve a 6-figure income this year and you’re ready to do what it takes to earn it now!


You may not be ready to work with Cynthia if this is you:

  • You don’t know what business you want to be in yet.
  • You’re good at putting into action things you learn on free webinars/trainings and don’t need help.
  • You can figure out how to connect better with your right-fit clients without new skills, guidance or feedback on your work.

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