Do you worry that your marketing isn’t reaching your perfect clients?  Is it time to get a handle on how to connect consistently with your ‘right-fit’ buyers?

Excellent! I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s dig in!

Get a Handle on Exactly Who Is Your Best Client

First, get down on paper everything you know about the people you help get the biggest transformations. This is your perfect client.

You may think: is it really necessary to spell out, document, and write down a description of my perfect client? After all, I know who my best people are. I just need to reach more of them!

Of course you do. Your perfect clients are motivated action takers who get fabulous results from your work! Yet, you can go deeper. You need to better understand their values, attitudes, and priorities.

Tap into who your perfect client is as a complete person so you can reach them. Click To Tweet When you paint a complete picture of your perfect client, you’ll get a handle on their ‘why’. Then you can reach them more consistently.

You’ll make better decisions about everything in your business when you get a clear vision of the kind of client you want to reach. When you have a deep view of your perfect client’s emotions, wants and needs, you feel more confident about marketing.

Breathe that in for a moment. Envision knowing your ideal client inside and out. Knowing him or her better than anyone else in your field. How does it feel?

My private clients tell me they feel more confident and certain after we work together to create a complete picture of their perfect customer.

10 Signs You Must Get Your Marketing Back On Track

Here are 10 signs it’s time to re-focus your marketing so you can reach right fit clients and create the business and life you want!

Sign #1. You spend a ton of time on marketing and you have little to show for it. You’re “doing all the right things”. Posting on social media, blogging, networking. And you’re still not consistently attracting the right kinds of clients.

Sign #2. When someone asks you who is a great referral for you, it takes more than 2 minutes to answer. When networking buddies ask you the golden question, “I’d love to send you business and prospective clients! Tell me who I should be looking for? Who ARE your ideal clients?”

  • You don’t have a succinct description ready, so you hesitate.
  • You feel like you did in eighth grade when you forgot your homework.

Sign #3. You haven’t updated your Facebook fan page or blog in over a month. Let’s be really honest here. Is this you? Every time you decide you really need to post on social media, your blog or put a new article on LinkedIn, you instantly think: “Sheesh, what do I write about?”

Quick Tip: A wonderful bonus-benefit about getting to deeply know your perfect client: You now have a handle on their top problems. That’s what you write, video, blog, and post on social about. His or her top priorities! Easy-peasy.

Sign #4. You can’t remember the last time you updated your marketing plan. Now I understand we’re not all born planners, but at least you could whip up a one-page marketing plan right?

Sign #5. You can’t remember where you filed your perfect client description.  You know, the couple of paragraphs you cobbled together when you first started your business—or last year.

Quick Tip: Let’s dig that puppy out, and look at it with fresh eyes! What has changed? What have you learned about your right-fit clients that you didn’t know last year? Or six months ago? Add your new knowledge to your perfect client description.
Make sure your webpages talk mostly about your perfect client's problems & priorities--not about your services!

Talk mostly about your perfect client’s problems & priorities on your website. Not about your services, yourself or your business.

Sign #6.  More than 60% of your website pages talk about your products, your programs, your services, your background, your business. You want your website to talk mainly about your perfect clients’ problems, their aspirations, their dreams—and how you help them solve those problems. Or achieve their goals.

Sign #7. The ‘About’ page on your website doesn’t explain who you help or who you work with. If it sounds like a press release or a brochure—it’s time to spruce it up. Make it inviting. Add your personality. Make sure to answer these top two client questions on your About page:

Question #1. “What’s in it for me?”
Question #2. “How can YOU help me solve my giant problem(s)?”

Imagine you’re standing right in front of your perfect client when you write your About page. Here’s a chocolaty-rich-with-tips blog on how to write your website about page.

Sign #8. Your marketing activities tend to frequently fall to the bottom of your to-do list. I understand if marketing is not your favorite thing.

Many of my women entrepreneur and business owner friends really don’t love marketing. I get it. And yet, in order to have a successful, profitable business marketing is a must. So let’s get over ourselves. I had to get over myself in order to create videos. (You can view them here.) If I can do it, so can you!

Your inner critic is a big, fat liar!

Remind yourself: Your inner critic is a big, fat liar!

Have a talk with yourself. Tell your inner critic, you can too do marketing! Reminder: your inner critic is a big fat liar.

You Spend Valuable Time with Wrong-fit Clients

Sign #9. You spend too much time talking with wrong-fit prospects. Over half of your strategy/discovery calls with potential buyers are with the wrong people. You find out they’re hagglers, people who don’t want to take action, or information collectors. An information collector is a person who downloads tons of free e-books, white papers, reports. They attend every free webinar they can find. Info collectors don’t implement. They stock up on freebies and endlessly ‘study’ things. They aren’t your people.

One of the (many) huge benefits of investing time in getting to know your perfect client is that you can create messages that appeal directly to them. A side bonus: you can gently repel hagglers. Here’s an example:

A web designer introduces herself by saying…

I work with growth-focused entrepreneurs who value customized, professional, one-of-a-kind websites that appeal to their unique audiences.

She discourages hagglers who want a cheap-and-dirty website. She makes it clear where she positions herself in her field. She’s not the designer to go to for a run-of-the-mill website that looks like everyone else’s.

Sign #10.  You aren’t meeting your right fit clients where you go for in person networking. You’re having difficulty figuring out which networking groups, Meetups, or seminars/conferences are popular with your perfect clients. After you update (or create) your perfect client profile, you’ll have a concrete idea of where they hang out.

What to Do Now

If all the time you spend on marketing and networking is not paying off. If you don’t have a ready answer when a colleague asks you who is a good referral.

It’s time to get a handle on exactly who you can help best to avoid ending up with too many wrong potential buyers.

It’s the best way to get clarity about who you get the best results for and what’s important to them.

It’s actually a fun process. You get to replay your best clients success stories. Click here for another post that gives you simple recommendations about how to do just that.

I’m rooting for you to connect with tons of your perfect clients so you can create the business and life you want!

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