Are you frustrated that your marketing messages aren’t attracting quality clients?

That you’re not pulling in people who say, “Yes!”

Are you ready to get really clear on your marketing messages so that you can get game-changing results?

It’s okay to feel frustrated by not getting the responses you hope for when looking to attract quality clients.

After all, you’re a conscious entrepreneur who looks to lead and serve first. Of course you feel that you can help everyone!

You may be able to help lots of people. But that isn’t how you want to spend your resources and energy.

It takes time to get clear on marketing messages that click with your people. You’re constantly evolving as a conscious business owner. People change. What worked before might not work today.

Focusing on Perfect Clients Means Repelling Others

Prepare to get super focused.

So focused that you not only appeal to your perfect clients, but you also actively repel wrong-fit people.

This is important.

Wrong-fit people aren’t ready to make the changes you lead people to achieve.

They are not committed to doing the work it takes to accomplish big goals. They might say they’re interested in HEARING about your services. And then when the time comes to signup, to enroll to do the work, they balk. They say they have to think about it.

Three Pitfalls to Not Defining Your Perfect Client

There are at least 3 keys you can miss by not documenting your perfect client description.

1.      Emotions. You won’t understand the emotions she’s feeling that drive her buying decisions.

2.     Messages. You’ll use words in marketing and conversations that she doesn’t relate to. Your languaging won’t resonate with her. Your content won’t click for her.

3.     Attention. You won’t capture her attention, either online or in the real world.

The truth is that successful, conscious entrepreneurs know their perfect customers better than anyone else.

3 Steps to Unlock Messaging That Attracts Quality Clients

Step 1: Get really clear on who is your perfect client by writing it down. Consider her values. Capture how she thinks and feels about her problems. (Problems that are in your zone of genius.)

You’ll enjoy boatloads of benefits after doing this exercise!

•     You’ll waste less time with sound-like-everyone-else marketing messages.

•      You’ll have more sales conversations with people who are ready to buy.

•      You’ll increase your income.

Be specific. It’s never been truer that, as Seth Godin says, “Everybody is not your customer.”

•      It’s a Mt. Everest-sized mistake to define your perfect customer broadly or to stop at demographics. (Demographics mean provable facts.)

•     Example of a monumentally vague perfect customer: a woman, in San Francisco, ages 35 to 55, with disposable income.

Go deeper and identify her exact thoughts about her problem.

•     Is she totally frustrated about her weight, ready to exercise + eat healthy food everyday?

•     Is she fed up with her stifling, sucky corporate job and motivated to quit and start a business?

•     Is she tired of living in the past and committed to finding her soul mate?

Tap into the conversation going on in her head to get ultra specific about who you get the best results for.

I work with financial advisors, and some of them will define their target market based entirely on data such as a person’s investible assets. But the most successful advisors go much deeper by also defining their best clients in terms of their interests, their values and even their “money personality.” John Bowen, Serial Entrepreneur, host of the Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success podcast

Step 2: Simplify your messages, content and networking conversations. Make it easy for your people to recognize that you’re the one to help them get to where they want to go.

Use their own words. Echo the everyday language that she uses when talking with her besties over coffee. Eliminate your expert jargon.

Step 3: Wash, rinse, repeat. Experiment. Craft different messages using your perfect client’s own words. Words you’ve heard her say. Try new messages on your blog, social media and when networking. Change them if they don’t land with prospects.

Your goal is for your perfect clients to say, “I need that!” when they hear your marketing messages.

If you need more help attracting people who say, “I need that!” with your marketing and networking, check out our fabulous 5 Step Clarity to Cash System Training and Mentoring Program.

Be unstoppable!


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